As our tour of Paso Robles wineries continues Mr. & Mrs. Monster get into a discussion with our very knowledgeable driver about restaurants in the area. While we already have dinner reservations for the evening and had a huge breakfast and lunch, a pre-dinner snack to hit one more place is in order. Villa Creek is recommended, and specifically their butternut squash enchiladas. In fact, as we discuss this, a pourer at one of the wineries chimes in singing their praises. So it’s decided, we will be hitting Villa Creek before dinner.

Comprised of a huge bar and multiple seating areas including a back patio (too hot this evening), Villa Creek is done up in earthy tones and bills itself as featuring “California cuisine taking inspiration from the padres of early California.” That doesn’t mean much to The Monster but it sure sounds nice.

The Monster orders a glass of the Foxen, block uu, bien nacido Vineyard Chardonnay which should pair nicely with the enchiladas served with vegetarian black bean puree and vegetable succotash.

The menu proves to be all over the place making the restaurant’s assertion they serve “California blah, blah cuisine” now appear utterly ridiculous. That being said, it is not a menu without appeal. A shepherds plate with house made sausage, sheep’s milk cheese, olives, grilled bread and seasonal fruit sits beside an ahi tuna ceviche with orange, avocado, yuzu ginger marinade and “bloom” micro greens which shares the menu with the Moroccan braised lamb shank with caramelized onion and saffron risotto. Do any of those sound like something “the padres of early California” ate? Not a chance.

Warm tortillas with a smoky salsa are brought in lieu of bread.  The tortillas are warm and the salsa has a bit of heat which The Monster enjoys.  Good start.

And then come the enchiladas.  They look delicious save the offending white goop dotting the top.  A few scrapes of the knife and this is mostly taken care of.  The dish proves to be savory and sweet, the succotash fresh, the black bean puree a hint of salt against the others flavors.  All in all it’s delicious.

A last sip of the wine and it’s off to dinner.

Why go?  You are a padre of early California.  Or at least play one on TV.

Monster rating: Incomplete

1144 Pine Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446

(805) 238-3000

Villa Creek Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

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