Cairo Cowboy touts itself as a Mediterranean Grill and Backyard BBQ. That doesn’t make any more sense than closing down the 405 and then wondering why there is an apocalypse but hey, if that’s what they want to call themselves, run with it.

It’s a cubbyhole of a restaurant yards from Venice Beach in the old Bondi Barbecue spot. A few tables out front from which you can spy the worst assemblage of tattoos, piercings and clothing choices ever from the people walking by, a few tables inside from which you can safely laugh at the worst assemblage of tattoos, piercings and clothing choices ever without fear of getting thoroughly stomped in the head and a few tables in the back patio from which you can ignore that everyone who walks by has the worst assemblage of tattoos, piercings and clothing ever. The Monster opted for the back. Yards of fat snaking out of skin-tight tops, piercings connected together with chains and tramp stamps of dragons smoking pot have their place (in malls in Ohio) but that’s not anywhere near The Monster eating.

The menu is pretty straightforward Med fare (if you know the Kabob N’ Roll truck this is their first stab at a brick and mortar restaurant) save the Egyptian burrito which sounds interesting but of course they don’t have the tortillas with which to make it. So a chicken pita sandwich and some fries smothered in hummus is the order of the day.

There is a $.50 charge on credit cards. Really? I mean, is this a gas station? Annoying. The woman behind the counter can’t figure out how to give us water and keeps spritzing the glass with Coke instead. Really, is this rocket science? Annoying. Then, when she finally figures it out she gives us one cup of water for two people. Really, are we in a drought (well, yes but…)? Annoying.

All that being said, the cook who comes out to check on us is very friendly and it is early on in CC’s go at it in this spot.

The chicken sandwich proves tasty but falls apart just looking at it. It actually does. The Monster looks at it and it falls apart. Eating a sandwich becomes a fork affair. The fries with hummus and tomato are nice enough but a bit too much cheese is slathered atop them for The Monster’s liking. The person The Monster is with is happy with his beef kabob plate.

All in all Cairo Cowboy Mediterranean Grill and Backyard BBQ is a poorly named joint with quick food perfect for when you want to brave bad aesthetic choices.

Why go? You have a tattoo of Leprechauns in amorous embrace you’ve hidden from friends.

Monster rating: 2 ½/5 Monsters

46 Windward Avenue
Venice, CA 90291

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