Beard Papa is a stupid name for a delicious cream puff.  There is a story behind the name.  Osaka, Japan and a baker and his white beard and his fantastic cream puffs.  That still doesn’t make the name any less stupid, but it also doesn’t make the cream puffs any less wonderful.

With five locations throughout LA and hundreds the world over, a tiny bakery has sprung cream puff domination.  The Sawtelle location shares a store with Mousse Fantasy and if anyone has tried Mousse Fantasy they can write about it.  Because if you walk into this store you should be getting a cream puff.

You pick out your outer shell (plain or cookie being the most popular) and then which flavor filling you’d like them to pump into it.  Vanilla, chocolate and revolving flavors depending on the day (green tea, caramel, strawberry).  The custard filling is cool and sweet without being cloying. 

As they are made fresh and without preservatives they should be eaten within a day.  But really if you get one you’ll be eating it immediately.

Why go?  You feel bad for Mousse Fantasy.

Monster rating:  4/5 Monsters

Locations: Sawtelle, Downtown, Pasadena, Arcadia, Gardena, Glendale

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4 responses to “REVIEW: BEARD PAPA

  1. The Monster believes Mario may have eaten a cream puff today.

  2. for some reason this is a place I always wind up in every time we come to LA.

  3. Certain branches of BP also has Paris-Brest, which, IMHO, is a superior cream puff.

    Furthermore, it’s is Tour de France time, hence a P-B would be apropos

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