Cooking is alchemy.  At it’s best, wondrous chef’s transform ingredients with a deft hand and immense imagination and turn them into magical meals those lucky enough to enjoy speak of in rapturous terms.

And then there is eating at the Magic Castle.

The Magic Castle also does a form of cooking alchemy.  Transforming ingredients from edible into filthy and disgusting versions of themselves that are hardly recognizable as food while charging a huge tariff for one to consume them.  That The Monster has, and has repeatedly, done this might be the best magic performed of all.

Since pictures are verboten, The Monster is forced to snap a couple shots sans flash of his meal with his camera phone.  As you can see it is not terribly appetizing.  In fact, is that food?

That is chicken along with mashed potatoes and perhaps something that once was a vegetable.  The magic so intense and the skill so great its current form is wholly and completely unique and indescribable.  Also, there is a salad.  It has lettuce.  And one tomato. 

Even the waiter, when asked about various items responded with “it’s ok” or “yea, that’s pretty decent.”  Ringing endorsements indeed!

Being a private club, The Magic Castle is not a place you can just call up and make a reservation.  If invited, one is not forced to first eat dinner.  Remember that.   

A perfect and wonderful evening at The Magic Castle (coats and ties for men, formal dress for women) involves entering through the hidden door built into the bookshelf by commanding “open sesame”, having a few (many) cocktails at the bar and sidling up to the playerless piano that will crank out any tune at your beck and call followed by wandering the labyrinthine rooms as world class magicians ply their trade.

That is a magical evening. 

Why go?  You say abracadabra when using the microwave.

Monster rating: 0/5 Monsters for food, 5/5 Monsters for entertainment

7001 Franklin Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 851-3313

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4 responses to “REVIEW: THE MAGIC CASTLE

  1. i’ve been twice but never eaten the food. looks like disney.

  2. Joe

    “If invited, one is not forced to first eat dinner.”

    Actually, if you get a guest pass to attend the Magic Castle, you must have dinner. It is mandatory.

    In order to avoid having to buy the dinner, you must attend with a member.

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