The only customer for lunch at Gangadin in the valley as the piped in Indian music keeps The Monster company.  The lone fan isn’t doing much good as it’s 156 degrees in here.  This will be a sweat and eat affair.  Hate that. 

The menu is fairly standard though a separate vegan menu is a nice touch.  Chances of ordering off that menu are the same as willingly engaging in debate about the Occupy Movement or betting that one day Lindsay Lohan will win an Oscar but nevertheless The Monster gives kudos to the restaurant for catering to those who would appreciate.

Not often a valley dweller anymore, The Monster finds himself on this side of the moon as their is a Lautner house on the market and being his favorite architect it’s worth checking out.  That being said, the house is marketed as being near the Sunset Strip and this is Studio City.  Too far from the office.  Pass before seeing it.

Having only been to Gangadin once The Monster is going to keep the ordering simple.  Tomato soup hits the spot.  It’s such a wonderful, clean soup when not laden with too much cream.  At Gangadin it’s served piping hot.  Like, burn your esophagus hot.  Never one to associate tomato soup with Indian cuisine, this is a delicious start to the meal.

Chicken tikka masala comes with rice, lentils and a salad.  Some naan must be ordered to round out the meal.  It’s a nice dish, a bit of spice in the ultra-creamy sauce.  For The Monster it’s all about dipping the naan in the sauce.  The naan at Gangadin isn’t the fluffy, thick naan preferred but it doesn’t mean the dish isn’t wiped clean.  The accompanying rice, lentils and salad are forgettable enough.

The service is friendly and this family owned restaurant has been around for years.  It’s solid Indian in the Valley if you come this way and aren’t looking for sushi (which you should be).

Why go?  You think Lautner was a genius.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

12067 Ventura Place
Studio City, CA 91604

(818) 509-0722

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