Taboo is like eating a little piece of Palm Beach history every time you step foot in this airy haven.  It’s been around forever (1941) on Worth Avenue, a place to be and be seen.  A location for the swinging set to dance on weekend nights and the moneyed elite to cozy into a booth and enjoy a strong cocktail and menu that has stood the test of time.

Rumor has it the Bloody Mary was invented within the confines for Barbara Hutton to help quell a raging hangover.  Sinatra and Kennedy frequented the spot.  Rod Stewart still swings by often.  On this occasion, like many others, The Monster has graced Ta-boo with his presence.    

A large menu allows you to pick between seafood heavy appetizers, salads, thin and crispy pizzas, soups and chili, sandwiches and items from the grill.  Additionally, a large selection of daily fish and meat specials round out the selections. 

While the food might not revolutionize the world, most items are proficiently done with some being stand-outs.  The Monster never remembers a bad meal at Ta-boo and a large part of the experience is soaking up the history and ambiance (much like a stroll and lunch down Rodeo).

Should The Monster get black bean chili and a chicken and brie sandwich or an arugula, radicchio and endive salad in balsamic vinaigrette with chicken Milanaise?  Is this woman sitting nearby a victim of horrible plastic surgery or is she actually the offspring of a man and mule?  Such are the questions one finds themselves asking while dining here.   

Cold, spicy garden gazpacho with jumbo lump crabmeat is the call to start.  True to its name it is spicy, chunky, laden with huge pieces of crab.  On a warm day it’s a lovely beginning to one’s meal.

Warm Thai crab salad with sweet peppers, red onions and romaine lettuce with warm jumbo lump crab in a spicy Thai vinaigrette wins the entrée portion of today’s meal.  It’s dripping in oil, again with plenty of crab and fresh produce.  It’s surprisingly tasty. 

Given this is Southern Florida, The Monster must try key lime pie anywhere he ventures.  This version is dense but not nearly tart enough.  Not a horrible order but won’t be chosen again.  The chocolate mousse with Oreo crust is light and velvety and tickles the tongue.  It’s a much better call for those looking to delight in dessert before parading down Worth.   

Why go?  You’re Black Amex needs to be used.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters          

221 Worth Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480

(561) 835-3500

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  1. iris

    Looks pretty good from here…

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