Entering through the hustle and bustle of the narrow kitchen, The Monster is already in love with Love Apple, the last meal in his Taos gustatory pilgrimage.  And while The Monster is told this is merely a temporary entrance, it seems perfectly decadent and thrilling, like you’ve been invited to a secret night of orgasmic dining and the first peak is meant to whet your appetite.  Consider it a success.

Into the main dining room (the space formerly being an adobe church) which is at once rustic and elegant, dim lighting and candles softly flickering, high pitched wood beam ceilings, a huge mirror along one wall.  It’s romantic without trying too hard.  Perhaps the one anachronism, why is there a disco ball?  If it is meant to add a dash of whimsy consider it on par with the decision to set sail on the Titanic.

The menu offers up organic and locally sourced ingredients with a hip clientele that is out for a special evening.  One item upfront (which The Monster did not know) is this is a cash or check only affair.  It is an odd policy but that’s the way the Love Apple rolls.

The Monster has eaten so much on the New Mexico trip he believes this will be a light meal.  Right?

Buttermilk yellow and blue cornbread with sweet maple-cinnamon and savory sage-orange butter is the first item on the menu.  Ding, ding.

Fine, The Monster will splurge just a bit.

Pomegranate, pecans and warm goat cheese tossed with local greens in lemon vinaigrette and finished with Taos honey is next up.  Lovely and fresh though it feels like a spring, not winter salad.

It’s a salad and salads are healthy.  So far, so good.

Pinon soup with bay leaf and vanilla must be ordered.  Like being in the woods and drinking in the fragrances, it’s a unique taste almost akin to nutmeg soup, with a sweet aftertaste from the vanilla.  It is wisely served only as a cup as the appeal would wear off in a larger portion.

Had to order the soup, most definitely.  And it’s just a cup.

Quail stuffed with green chile, feta and quinoa, served with creamy nogada, cilantro and pomegranate seeds is the first entree.  The spicy quinoa works wonders on the quail which can often be more trouble than it is worth.  This is a dish The Monster gladly orders in Taos and would never order in LA. 

It’s a small bird, nothing to see here.

Ruby trout wrapped in corn husks with lime compound butter topped with chipotle creme, served with quinoa fritter and cilantro lime relish is last up.  A simple preparation of the fish that lets the flavor shine through.

Okay, maybe The Monster has overeaten again. 

Totally stuffed after a whirlwind extravaganza of food, The Monster politely declines dessert and rolls himself home to return to LA and a much needed diet.

Actually, he gets dessert but forgets to take a picture of it.

Why go?  You need to go to confessional.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

803 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte
Taos, NM 87571

(575) 751-0050

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