All hail Al Gelato.  Decadently delicious food, great gelato and desserts, friendly people and they have adopted to this century and now accept credit cards!  There is not much to dislike save the weird techno blasting The Monster’s eardrums into submission and the dearth of parking on this stretch of Robertson.

It’s a mostly nondescript space with inside and outside seating, letting the gelato and desserts behind the counter be the rightful stars of the show.  They must be doing something right, placards on the table proudly announce they have over one hundred five star reviews on Yelp.

So The Monster gets a small rigatoni (the large portion could feed Uganda) along with the wonderful fresh baked bread and hot peppers which is his go to lunch when all of the sudden the music changes and it’s Steely Dan?  From thumping techno to Steely Dan.  Okay then. 

The food arrives quickly (they have elves in the kitchen apparently) and it’s as comforting as ever.  The rigatoni is accompanied by a hugely sweet tomato and basil sauce that’s screaming for you to sop it up with the fluffy insides of the bread.  And then the crisp outer crust is made expressly for the job of piling on the hot peppers, a perfect salty counterbalance.

The rest of the menu is packed with decidedly unhealthy and marvelously tasty culinary treats (pesto! pizza! sandwiches!) for one to munch on.  And then there is the heavenly gelato and desserts like an evil siren summoning one to forget their vows of food chastity.     

Since The Monster is attempting a healthier food regime this year (yea, pasta and bread, good work) he opts to forego the gelato or that insane looking red velvet cake and instead take a walk.

The walk is across the street to his car and already he regrets his decision.

Why go?  You love walks.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

806 South Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035

(310) 659-8069

Al Gelato on Urbanspoon

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