The Monster’s wobbly table at Natalee Thai is being propped up by none other than…sugar packets?  Yep, sugar packets are what should be keeping this incredibly annoying table from wobbling.  Not working.

It’s lunch and the place is fairly well empty.  One other person eating and one grabbing take-out. Luckily we are all being serenaded by horrible female songstresses.  It’s painful.  Also painful, the decor.  It’s 90’s high-style which equals 2012 drek.  It’s also a rather large restaurant, wonder if the place ever fills up?  Oh well, good atmosphere does not need to accompany good Thai food.

It’s a standard menu of Thai dishes to choose from.  That being said, prices are appreciably higher than in Thai town and the offerings steer toward Americanized stylings of Thai favorites.

Tom Yum with Chicken and the Duck Delight is the call.  The soup is weirdly salty and while it does pack a little heat the broth lacks the nuanced flavors of better Thai soups.  Still, hungry Monster equals finished soup.

The duck is a nice sized portion of mightily fried duck.  Unfortunately, it’s on the dryer side of the Sahara Desert and the sweet and sour sauce feels like an accompaniment at a 1950’s Polynesian restaurant.  Not something to pair with Thai duck.  Perhaps this is a miss order but the waitress seemed to think it was great.  It’s not.

Still, from The Monster’s visits the service is friendly and the food passable enough when trips to Thai Town aren’t in the offing.

Why go?  Convenience.

Monster Rating:  2/5 Monsters

998 South Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035

(310) 855-9380


10101 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034

(310) 202-7003

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