Celadon Thai is a pleasant little sliver of a restaurant in a mall on a stretch of Washington Boulevard better known for the Costco across the street than culinary finds.

The menu breaks no new ground.  It’s Westside Thai for those who have never ventured to Thai Town.  Dynamite Wings made with sweet tangy sauce that carries a kick, Thai steamed dumplings with minced chicken and vegetables with soy vinaigrette and chili and mint leaf chicken with bamboo shoots, red and green peppers and chili-garlic sauce served with a Thai egg roll is the call on this day.

The dumplings are fine.  We all know fried dumplings are more delicious but losing weight tastes better to The Monster so “fine” dumplings it is.

The wings are fine.  We all know Buffalo wings are more delicious but The Monster isn’t close to a good spot so “fine” wings it is.

The chili and mint chicken is fine…

Eh, you get the point.

With friendly service and a dearth of good Thai in this hood Celadon fills the bill in a pinch.

Why go?  You are a fine person.

Monster rating: 2/5 Monsters

13364 West Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310) 823-8100

Celadon Thai Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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